Infyz Solutions: Enabling End to End Integrated Port Operations

The Marine Industry’s need has changed from traditional data recording and reporting systems to real time tracking and monitoring solutions. The industry needs modern technology that enables seamless integration across systems and supports Cloud based solutions.

" Our vision is to have an integrated platform for Ports, Shipping and Logistics that handles end to end operations and provides for visibility of cargo in real time"

The day-to-day operations at ports include inventory management,terminal operation and equipment maintenance which need to be integrated together for smooth functioning and enhanced efficiency. The logistics and shipping of cargo needs real time tracking to enhance safety and informed decision making.

Infyz, positioned as marine and port solutions provider, introduces cloud based, integrated, real time and seamless port operation solution.

Infyz is the first company globally to provide port operations solution on a subscription basis on the cloud platform.

Talking about the Company’s vision behind introducing cloud based port operating solutions, Srinivas Ramireddy, Director of Infyz Solutions says, “Our vision is to have an integrated platform for Ports, Shipping and Logistics that handles end to end operations and provides for visibility of cargo in real time for customers and stakeholders from factory to dealer or Pit to Plant. Exchange of information on the platform becomes seamless.”

The Company provides modular solution that handles all cargo segments, like RORO, Bulk, Break Bulk, Liquid Bulk, and Container. The browser based application has extensive planning features, which is enabled on mobile and handheld devices.

Talking further about the distinguished features of the application, Srinivas says,“Infyz solution is providing state of the art solution with complete business functionality and interfaces for automation. It supports mobile devices, SAP and other ERP systems.

The solution is flexible to be deployed based on the client’s infrastructure needs. It can be provided on-premise and is also available on cloud as SaaS model.”

The company supports its products with multiple live installations and multi-year support contracts. It provides onsite and remote support through its help desk. Along with modern technology and performance, the company understands the importance of timeliness in the business operations. It ensures reduced implementation time of software to augment business benefits and end user experience.

Srinivas Ramireddy, Director

Infyz’s product portfolio includes solutions for management of terminal operations, handling Break Bulk, Dry Bulk, Container, RORO, Liquid Bulk and Stowage Planning for RORO ships. Along with this, the company provides modular, cloud based application iNauka for shipping lines.

For ship owners, Infyz Solutions offers real-time vessel operations tracking at the port. Its web enabled Terminal Operations Management system facilitates easy access of the current operational activity via web or any mobile device. The cloud based inventory management provides tracking of spares across multiple locations. This module integrates with ERP and standard interfaces. Web and mobile enabled feature provides flexibility in accessing and approving any requests by management teams. With all the facilities and ease of access, the company takes adequate measures for security control too. Commenting on the security concerns, Srinivas says, “The access is controlled through role based security that enables visibility and access to data as per user role(s).”

With a strong domain focus and modern technology, Infyz is helping its customers to improve operational efficiency with real time information flow.